Top 25 Fantasy Cricket Apps to Play & Earn Money in India

The IPL has grown into one of the most popular yearly cricket tournaments in the world, with only the Cricket World Cups ahead of it in the previous fourteen years.

This new era of franchise cricket has helped India’s national cricket team reclaim its position as one of the world’s best cricketing nations. It also generated an Rs15,000-crore industry: fantasy cricket leagues. Over the last four years, new players have joined the market with their own fantasy cricket software. So, for a newcomer, the natural question is: which of these fantasy games should I download and play? Don’t worry! For maximum profit, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 25 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Top Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India


Dream11 referral code

Download Dream11

In India, Dream11 is ranked first among the top best fantasy cricket apps. It was founded in 2012 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. It’s one of the very first fantasy games ever created. With over 7.5 crore participants, the fantasy league platform owns the majority of the market share.

Dream11 provides a number of forms and challenge kinds in cricket, in which participants compete in a variety of activities for cash rewards of lakhs of rupees. You may withdraw your money into your bank account after completing the KYC. One thing about this app is that, although being the greatest, it is also the most competitive.

You will receive a download bonus of Rs 100 and a refer-and-earn bonus of Rs 100. You will not be able to withdraw the referral bonus from your bank account if you use this app. With this programme, you may compete in Head to Head, Grand League, Small League, Private Contest, and other fantasy cricket contests.


MyTeam11 referral code

Download MyTeam11

MyTeam11 Referral Code: IHDFANTASY

In terms of popularity, MyTeam11 is the second most popular fantasy cricket app behind Dream11. Virendra Sehwag is the brand ambassador for this fantasy game platform. This isn’t a brand-new show. Millions of individuals play fantasy cricket, football, and other sports on this site as they believe it is one of the best fantasy cricket apps.

MyTeam11 will provide you with a Rs 100 welcome bonus as well as a Rs 100 to Rs 1000 referral bonus. 

An Rs25 welcome bonus and an Rs75 incentive upon Pan Verification will be given to you. If you suggest a new MyTeam11 player, you will earn an Rs100 bonus in your wallet. As soon as you recommend someone, you will get Rs100 + 5% of their deposit. You can use a 100 per cent bonus up to Rs25 on the first battle with 100 or more participants, and a 100 per cent bonus up to Rs25 on the second match.

Then, in mega competitions with 100 or more participants, you may use 25%, and in head-to-head, hot contests, and other similar events, you can use 5%.

Mobile Premier league

MPL fantasy cricket app

Download MPL

MPL, or Mobile Premier Leagues, is a Sequoia-backed startup that grew to a million users within 7-8 months of its release. As a result, it is the fastest-growing e-sport platform in India. The game’s quick popularity can be linked to a number of high-profile events.

In this, participants can win prizes including phones, motorbikes, cameras, and other stuff. It also has a beautiful and user-friendly interface that allows winners to get their winnings fast via Paytm, UPI, or bank transfer. The Indian captain, Virat Kohli, was just named the game’s marketing ambassador. It is regarded as one of the best fantasy cricket apps in terms of earning money.

There’s a tournament for everyone on the MPL Fantasy App, whether you play fantasy football, cricket, basketball, or any other fantasy sport. To play fantasy on MPL, you don’t need to be an expert. The MPL typically has a good matchup, and there are even events specifically for newcomers.


ihd123 ballebaazi

Download Ballebaazi

BalleBaazi Referral Code: IHD123

BalleBaazi is included in the list of the best fantasy cricket apps. Ballebaazi offers a user-friendly UI that allows users to get the greatest experience possible. It was founded in 2018 by Saurabh Chopra, Navkiran Singh, and Puneet Dua as a fantasy platform for cricket enthusiasts. With three play modes: Bowling Fantasy, Batting Fantasy, and Classic Fantasy, it is the fastest-growing fantasy app.

  • Classic Fantasy: Choose five players who you think will hit the most runs.
  • Batting Fantasy: Choose five players who you think will hit the most runs.
  • Bowling Fantasy: Choose five players who you think will take the most wickets.

Yuvraj Singh, the great Indian all-rounder, is the BalleBaazi Fantasy Cricket App’s brand ambassador. You will be given Rs 50 as a reward for downloading. This software offers an excellent referral programme. They will receive 200 BB Coins, an Rs100 bonus, and Rs 50 in cash for their initial deposit.


halaplay referral code

Download HalaPlay

Halaplay Referral Code: SHUBHAM

HalaPlay is a fantasy sports app for Android and iOS that includes fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, quizzes, and rummy. The main feature of this best fantasy cricket app is the opportunity to enter a tournament with a 100% bonus. Hala Play was founded in 2017 by BITS Pilani grads Swapnil Saurav, Prateek Anand, Ananya Singhal, and Aman Kesari.

In the game, machine learning and data analytics are employed to help users analyse their playing patterns and improve their ability to win games. Users may participate in daily or weekly matches, join leagues, define winning criteria, and compare their results to those of other users.

Furthermore, clients are not needed to commit for the whole season, and wins can be withdrawn at any time.


Gamezy fantasy cricket app

Download Gamezy

Gamezy Referral Code: FREE100

Gamezy, Gameskraft’s newest offering, is the fastest-growing sports platform in India. Soon Gamezy can be one of the best fantasy cricket apps if it makes more rewards accessible to those who want to win.

Gamezy is a brand-new fantasy cricket programme that has quickly established itself as one of the best. Last year, during the IPL 2020 event, Gamescraft published this app. With this programme, you may play cricket, football, quizzes, and rummy. You will earn an Rs100+Rs50 cash bonus for signing up, as well as Rs 220 for each referral.

The new fantasy cricket app’s marketing ambassador is KL Rahul. You will generally earn an Rs100 sign-up bonus if you do not utilise a referral code. For as low as Rs 25, you may withdraw your winnings from your GameZy wallet to your Paytm wallet or bank account.


Download Vision11

Vision11 Referral Code: WELCOME100

If you’re a first-time user of the Vision11 Fantasy App, you may get a Rs 100 cash incentive when you join up. Because there are so many Bonus usable leagues in this programme to play and convert this bonus to real money, this offer is really beneficial for Fantasy Lovers.

Vision11 comes under the best fantasy cricket apps with a lag-free UI. Manish Pandey is the Vision11 fantasy app’s brand ambassador.

The referral programme at Vision11 has just been altered. You will receive an Rs100 cash bonus if you invite a friend to join and play Vision11, and the friend will receive an Rs300 cash bonus. At the same time, you will get 20% real cash in your winning balance for the rest of your life. This lifelong 20% share in Vision11 will assist you in accumulating a winning balance even after entering any contest.



Download Real11

It is one of the top best fantasy cricket apps among all new apps. It has a user-friendly UI and a referral programme. You will receive 50 points for installing the app and 100 points for referring a friend. Akash Chopra, a well-known Hindi commentator in India is the brand ambassador for this app.

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to sign up with your email and phone number. After that, an Rs50 cash bonus will be added to your Real11 Wallet.

This bonus can be used to enter any paid contest. Please note that before applying for KYC, you must verify your cell phone number and email address using an OTP.  You will receive a 50 cash bonus and 50 Xtra Cash if you introduce a new user to Real11. This Xtracash amount of Rs50 can be used to enter any contest. 


kubera fantasy

Download Kubera Fantasy

Referral Code: WELCOME100

It is one of the best fantasy cricket apps for beginners as it has low competition. This app allows you to participate in both traditional and DFS contests.

For the Kubera Fantasy recommend and earn option, you will receive an Rs50 bonus. At the same time, you will earn an extra commission if you join the Kubera Fantasy affiliate network. You will receive a commission if any user participates in any DFS competitions.

Users may only cash out their winnings into their bank accounts. This app does not provide a Paytm withdrawal option. You may cash out your winnings in increments of 200 and multiples of 200.


myfab11 referral code

Download MyFab11

MyFab11 Referral Code: GET100

It is again one of the best fantasy cricket apps for all users. This fantasy cricket app’s captain is Sanju Samson. We can play fantasy cricket, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, handball, and the National Football League, among other sports. After you join up for the MyFab11 fantasy app, you will receive an Rs50 cash bonus. At the same time, you’ll earn an Rs100 incentive and a 20% contest commission for every cash contest they participate in for the course of their lifespan.

The monetary bonus can be used to enter future competitions. You may either withdraw the 20% profit commission or use the balance to play games. Because this amount will be applied to your winnings. Paytm and bank withdrawals are available through MyFab11. It may take up to 24 hours to complete the withdrawal process.

Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11

Download Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11 Referral Code: IHD123

Like other famous apps, you can play grand league, local league, or personal matches in the best fantasy cricket apps. The user interface and team-building process are almost identical to those of other apps.

You will receive a Rs 100 cash reward for downloading the app, as well as a Rs 100 cash bonus for each new referral. You can earn an endless cash bonus by referring to an unlimited number of friends. Every day, you can win a cash bonus by scratching a card in Fantasy Power 11.

The minimum withdrawal amount in Fantasy Power 11 is Rs 200, and you may withdraw an unlimited number of times. Your winnings may be withdrawn to your Paytm Wallet or bank account. To make a bank account withdrawal, you must first validate your PAN card and bank account, which might take up to 2-3 days.

11 Challengers Fantasy App


Download 11Challengers

11Challengers Referral Code: TAKE100

You will receive an Rs100 cash incentive for installing this app and an Rs50 referral bonus. Not only that, but your winning sum from your referred friend’s deposit and investment will earn you a 20% commission. If a friend spends Rs100 in a contest, you will get 20% of that amount in your winning sum.

As a result, if you share this app with your friends and they play matches, you will receive money without having to enter any contests.

This app now allows users to play Fantasy Cricket, Football, and Basketball. Your winnings may be withdrawn from your Paytm Wallet and Bank Account.

The lowest withdrawal limit for Paytm and Bank is Rs200, while the maximum withdrawal limit for Paytm and Bank is Rs20,000 and Rs50000 per day, respectively. Before making a withdrawal in Paytm Wallet or Bank Account for the first time, users must complete KYC.

Royal11 Fantasy App

Download Royal11

Royal11 Referral Code: ANUJG2081192

In the run-up to the IPL, plenty of the best fantasy cricket apps debuted in India. Another fantasy app, Royal11, has debuted this year. There is no distinction between Vision11, Fantasy Power 11, and Royal11. You will receive a 100 bonus for downloading the app, as well as an Rs300 bonus and a lifetime 25% deposit cash bonus for each new referral.

This programme allows users to play fantasy cricket, football, and basketball. The least amount that may be withdrawn is Rs200. You have the option of withdrawing via Paytm or Bank.

It will take 2-3 days for the withdrawal to be completed. However, as you may be aware, in order to make a withdrawal, you must first complete KYC. With your Pan Card and Bank Account data, you must complete KYC.

Prime Captain

Download Prime Captain

Prime Captain Referral Code: PLAY100

If you want to play games and make money quickly, Prime Captain Fantasy App is the greatest choice. In this app, you will see that there is virtually little competition. This isn’t a game that will make you money. Because this app only allows you to play fantasy games. In this app, we may play fantasy cricket, football, basketball, and baseball.

To play fantasy games, you will receive an Rs100 cash bonus. You will also receive an Rs100 cash incentive if you recommend your friends.

Deposit balance, winning balance, cash bonus, and referral bonus are the four areas of the account choice. Your referral bonus area will be updated with all of your referral benefits. The referral bonus has a minimum withdrawal of Rs500, while the winning balance has a minimum withdrawal of Rs300.

Sportasy Fantasy App


Download Sportasy App

Sportasy Referral Code: PLAY100

Sportasy is the newest best fantasy cricket app. On this app, we may play fantasy cricket, football, and basketball. The nicest thing about this app is that it has the cheapest entry charge. Users will receive an Rs500 no-expiration registration incentive. This will allow you to play games without having to spend any money. In grand leagues, users can take advantage of a 20% boost.

This software allows you to withdraw money the same day. You may deposit money into both your Paytm wallet and your bank account.

If you refer friends, you will receive an Rs500 cash incentive and a 25% referral commission in addition to the chance to win for the rest of your life. You will generate a winning balance in this manner without having to invest anything.

My11Circle Fantasy App


Download My11Circle App

If you don’t want to take any chances and want to play in tiny leagues, My11Circle is one of the best fantasy cricket apps. Simply beat a certain score or an expert such as Rashid Khan, Shane Watson, or Sourav Ganguly. If you do so, your winning sum will be multiplied by 2X, 3X, or 5X.

The major advantage of My11Circle is that even if you don’t enjoy fantasy cricket, you can still make money that you can deposit directly into your bank account. You may earn up to Rs 551 from one referral if you share the My11Circle Referral Code with your friends and family. You can also transfer your entire sum to your bank account.

After your referral participates in a sponsored contest, you will get Rs 51 immediately in your wallet. After that, if they play a total of Rs 40 in contests, you will receive Rs 4 every time. If they play a ten-point match every day, you’ll collect Rs 4 on day four. 



Download PlayerzPot App

Playerzpot Referral Code: IHD12345

The 2nd Innings Fantasy App is now popular among fantasy players. PlayerzPot is a fantasy cricket app that includes a 2nd Innings competition. If you have not yet downloaded the PlayerzPot Fantasy App, you will receive an Rs50 bonus in your wallet after doing so.

PlayerzPot has a fantastic referral programme. You will receive 50 in your wallet for the first time you download and 50 in your wallet for a new referral. However, bear in mind that if your suggested buddy does not verify their account, you will not receive a referral incentive (email and mobile number).

Aside from that, every time your buddy contributes money to their wallet, you will receive 2% in your deposit wallet.

Qureka Pro


Download Qureka

This is not just fantasy software, but also a gaming app with a variety of different games. On Qureka Pro, you may play live cricket, fruit slash, quizzes, ball shooters, candy bursts, and more games. If you win each time you play, you will receive a gift.

Qureka Pro Apk also has a fantastic Refer and Earn programme. By inviting your friends, you can earn up to Rs5,000 per day. You will receive Rs5 each time a friend joins using your referral code.

The best part of the Qureka Pro Refer and Earn Offer is that you may get your referral bonus quickly in Paytm or Bank. Your Qureka Pro VIP Wallet will be credited with all of your quiz prizes and referral bonuses. Paytm withdrawals from Qureka Pro Apk start at ten dollars. The minimum and maximum withdrawal limits are Rs10 and Rs5,000, respectively.

Nostra Pro


Download Nosta Pro

Nostra Pro Referral Code: IHD1000

Apart from Fantasy Cricket, Nostra Pro would be a great alternative for you if you enjoy quizzes or predictions.

You don’t have to pick 11 players, a captain, or vice-captain in this best fantasy cricket apps. You only need to answer a few questions, such as who will win, who will take the most wickets, and who will score the most runs. You will get points on each correct answer. As a result, you will be awarded a reward.

The nice thing about this Nostra Pro App is that you may send or withdraw money instantly from your Paytm Wallet.



11Caps Referral Code

11Caps Referral Code: COOLC6005869

You can play Fantasy Cricket, Basketball, and Football in this new fantasy app. Many users may be familiar with the My11Kings App, which has now been rebranded 11Caps. You’ll gain a lot of added perks in this new fantasy software that wasn’t available two or three months ago.

If you are a new user, you will receive a bonus of Rs100 just for signing up with 11Caps. You will receive Rs100 in your bonus wallet at the same time as a new referral. In addition, 11Caps’ referral programme offers some additional incentives. For the rest of your life, you will get 2% of any deposits made by your referral in real money.

Your winnings may be withdrawn from your Paytm Wallet or your bank account. Paytm Wallet Withdrawal has a minimum withdrawal limit of 200 rupees and a maximum withdrawal limit of 5000 rupees per day. At the same time, you are only allowed to take a maximum of Rs25,000 and a minimum of Rs300 every day from your bank account.

Twelfth Man 


Download Twelfth Man

Referral Code: M9KS7sB8L5

Cricket is our favourite sport to watch more than any other. Apart from cricket, if there are any other sports with a large fan following, it is undoubtedly football. Twelfth Man Fantasy App is a better alternative if you wish to play Fantasy Cricket and Football on a different app.

You will receive 25 points for downloading the app and another 25 points for referring a friend. On Twelfth Man, you may only recommend up to 15 pals.

Paytm First Games

Download Paytm First Games

The application Paytm First Game is well-known. A year ago, it was originally launched. In this Paytm First Game, Fantasy Cricket, on the other hand, is a brand-new feature.

You will receive Rs 10 in Paytm Cashback for each new referral, which will be applied to your Paytm Wallet. You may also earn up to Rs 10,000 for each new referral who deposits money in their Paytm First Game.

 11Wickets Fantasy Application


Download 11Wickets

One of the greatest fantasy cricket applications is 11Wickets. This app has some features that aren’t found in other apps. After your cell number and email id have been verified, you will get Rs75 from 11 Wickets.

You can play cricket as well as football in this fantasy cricket app. Only a small portion of your bonus can be used to enter a contest. However, you may frequently utilise a 100% cash incentive to enter a paid contest.

FanFight Fantasy Cricket Application


Download Fanfight

Fanfight Referral Code: FAN100

Last on the list of best fantasy cricket apps but not the least! From the FanFight Refer and Earn Offer, you may earn up to Rs 500. Not only that, but for the first time deposit in our FanFight wallet, FanFight gives a 100% cash bonus up to Rs 100.

To play Fantasy Cricket and Football, download the FanFight app. You will receive a Rs 100 cash bonus after your registration is complete.

So these are the 25 best fantasy cricket apps that can help you earn cash in India just by playing cricket on an app. It is now up to which one you would like to go for. See which one gives the best returns, offers, prizes and is interesting. Let us know if you feel we have missed any platform.

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