Things To Consider When You Start Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

Are you a beginner at Fantasy Cricket Online? Welcome to the world of new Fantasy Cricket. Fantasy Cricket is one of the most played games on the online gaming platform in India. Fantasy cricket is attracting millions of cricket fans, from small kids to grandfathers who love to watch cricket and they also play fantasy cricket. Cricket is a gentleman’s game in India and Cricket is like a festival for India, In the year 2002 IPL started in India, every cricket fans are waiting for IPL tournaments and IPL has a huge fanbase.

5 Things To Consider When You Start Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

Fantasy cricket tips

In International cricket only some good cricketer gets chances but many are the hidden players in India who don’t have chances to come across the world. A few years back Fantasy Cricket application has launched for all cricket fans. Fantasy Cricket is a very interesting one and it’s legal in India, In Fantasy Cricket you can see the upcoming matches and the player stats. In this content we have put together mentioned some important things to consider when you start playing Fantasy cricket online.

What is Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is an online virtual game where you can create your own team by selecting the players as your team players and based on their performance points will be added for each individual players. Fantasy game is fully legal in India and as per government notice, Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game where every player needs to strategize and use their own skills to form their fantasy teams to win the league and win real money.

In Fantasy cricket, you have to choose upcoming matches and you have to choose players from both the team, maximum you can take 7 players from one team, and rest 4 you have to choose an opponent team. In Fantasy, cricket doesn’t consider your favorite player or Indian player, just check the player’s stats and performance will give you good results and real cash which is straight into your bank account.

5 Things To Consider When You Start Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

Pitch Conditions 

To play good cricket or to give a good target, the pitch is the crucial part of determining the destiny of a contest. You should consider these things before creating or joining Fantasy cricket online. To take the pitch decision, you have to consider the first point, It’s a batting pitch or a bowling pitch. For example, as you know Chinnaswamy cricket stadium is batting Fitch, and the highest T20 score is 263.

You may be aware that Eden Gardens, Kolkata is a bowling pitch, choose swing bowlers and spinners as per the pitch conditions. These things you have to remember are always things to consider when you start playing Fantasy Cricket online.

Discover if the Performers are playing

This is the second thing to know about whether performers are playing or not. Sometimes picked players are not available due to injury, As you know you can see the playing 11 squad through the official website and decide the players. You have to research about 24-26 players before getting playing 11 news and create multiple teams of taking various performers.

In some cases, your best performer will be benched due to injury in that specific game. Obviously, you can’t do anything in such a condition, but try to select a well-witnessed player who can be compatible and retained.

Evaluate the Cost Adequately

To create a balanced team with a mix of good bowlers, fielders and batsmen you have to consider the credits. Majorly 99% of apps are providing 100 credits to choose your 11 players. Those who perform very well on the last matches their credits much higher than usual, and who give a low performance like dropping catches, duck out their credit price falls than usual.

Take bowlers, fielders, and batsmen and choose the best captain and vice-captain for your team with 100 credits. Create multiple teams and compare them and finalize the best one as your wish.

Choose Opener Batsmen More 

This is the main thing to remember before joining a fantasy league, select more opener batsmen, especially when you are forming a team for T20 matches. As you know the first 3 batsmen are expected to face more balls and you should choose top-order batsmen who have performed great in their past matches or series. Definitely, you can expect good runs from the openers so that you can rock your fantasy cricket team on the board.

Bonus Points

In fantasy cricket, you have chances of getting bonus points on stumpings, run-outs, and catches. As you know, a performer like Ravindra Jadeja can through the bowl to direct wickets, and also he can take several catches on the field. Sometimes, in the fantasy cricket team, you will lose at under 10 points because of the bonus. Consider these points while you create your fantasy team.


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