Smriti Mandhana Feels Indian Cricket Needs Six-Team Women’s IPL

Smriti Mandhana firmly believes that cricket in the country has enough depth for the introduction of a six-team women’s IPL, which can further help in improving the bench strength for the national side.

The 25-year-old stylish batter said the quality of domestic players has improved in the men’s game since the advent of the Twenty20 league and the same could be the case for women’s cricket.

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“There are same number of states for men and women. So, when they started men’s IPL, there were same number of states. But the quality went higher and higher as the years passed by,” Madhana said on Ravichandran Ashwin’s YouTube channel.

“What IPL is today, it wasn’t the same 10 or 11 years back. I think it’s the same for women’s cricket. We have same amount of girls playing cricket.

“For now, I think we will have good five or six teams to start with and probably grow to eight teams in one or two years. But till the time we don’t start, we don’t know,” she added.

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