Real11 Ludo App: Refer and Get up to Rs.5000 on Every Referral

Real11 Ludo app is a new fascinating online ludo game where you can earn real cash by competing against real players in real tournaments. Ludo game is a very funny and interesting game in childhood days everyone played on the ludo board but now ludo game is added on every gaming platform. With the Real11 Ludo app, you can make real cash in your bank account. Download Real11 Ludo app and register through your mobile number.

Play Real11 Ludo against real opponents or play with your friends and family members and get exciting cash rewards. Ludo is the most popular board game in India, so Real11 launched the Ludo game which helps people to earn real cash, play Real11 Ludo with 4 members or play head to head. Download today to start your new journey on the Real11 Ludo app and get a chance to thrilling cash prizes.

What is Real11 Ludo App

Real11 is a fantasy sports app, we have added the ludo game which is very popular in India, play for timepass or earn real cash by playing the Real11 ludo game. It is 100% secure and safe, also connects people, and brings people together. During the Covid-19 it helps people to make real cash by sitting at home.

Key Features of Real11 Ludo App

  • 100% Secure Payments
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Rewarding Bonuses

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How To Download & Register on Real11 Ludo App

  • First of all, Download Real11 Ludo App
  • Click on the have a referral code.
  • Enter your 10-digit mobile number and email address.

Real11 Ludo App

  • Click on the have a referral code and enter the Real11 Ludo referral code.
  • Real11 Ludo Referral Code: WGXL3Q897Z
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP.
  • Choose your password and enter your team name.
  • Complete your KYC and verify your account.

How To Play Real11 Ludo

  • First of all, click on the games.

Real11 Ludo App

  • Click on the real ludo.

Real11 Ludo Game

  • Now you can see the prize pool details.

Real11 Ludo

  • Choose any prize pool based on your budget.
  • Play head-to-head or multiplayer pool.
  • Once you entered the Real11 Ludo board follow the below steps.
  • Tap on the roll of the dice.
  • Roll a six on the dice to start your game.
  • Choose tokens and move according to the dice number.
  • If only one token is in play, it will move automatically.

Main Points to Remember of Real11 Ludo

  • Every player takes turns to move tokens in clockwise order.
  • Every player gets 5 chances to make their move tokens. In case if a player misses their 5 consecutive chances then the player will be disqualified from the game.
  • The player must roll six the dice to start the game.
  • Minimum 2 players, 3 players, and maximum you can play with 4 players.
  • If your opponent is now found in the game your money will be not deducted.
  • To search for opponents wait time is only 60 seconds.

How To Refer and Get Rs.5000 Per Referral

  • Click on the more on the home page.

Real11 Ludo App

  • Click on the first option, refer and earn.

Real11 Ludo Referral Code

  • Now you can see your unique Real11 referral code.

Real11 Ludo Referral code

  • Share your code with your friends and others.
  • Earn up to Rs.5000 on every referral.

Final words

This is all about the Real11 Ludo app, Download Real11 Ludo app and play ludo games to earn real cash straight in a bank account. If you have any questions or queries related to Real11 Ludo you can contact us and keep visiting Fantasycricketguru for more updates on Fantasy apps.

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