Top 10 Best Wicketkeeper in the World

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game, it is played between two teams of eleven players. In cricket batting and bowling is important but also wicketkeeping and fielding also the main factor of cricket. If we see the history of cricket games, there was a large number of stumping and catches taken by a wicket-keeper. Today we will publish about the Top 10 Best Wicketkeeper in the World.

Wicket keeping is a more difficult job compared to fielding, wicket keeper should be focused, quick and attentive behind the batsmen, Wicket keeper should be quick, or else he won’t get enough time for a stumping. Every wicket-keeper guides the bowlers about where to bowl. In this content, we have listed the top 10 best wicket keepers’ names, matches, and dismissals.

Best wicketkeeper in the world

Top 10 Best Wicketkeeper in the World


1. Adam Gilchrist

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist is the world’s best wicketkeeper, he was not only the best keeper but also the best batsman. Adam Gilchrist is an Australian player and he claimed 905 dismissals in 396 games across all three formats in T20, ODI, and Test. In this list, he is the only player with more dismissals.

Adam Gilchrist was the Australian first appointed ODI wicket-keeper in the year 1996. He was done very well over 12 years of his career. Adam Gilchrist is not only a wicketkeeper he was the captain of the Australian team.

ODI Test
Matches 287 96
Stumps 55 37
Catches 417 379


2. MS Dhoni

Best wicketkeeper in the world
MS Dhoni

The alternate name of Cricket is MS Dhoni, the legend MS Dhoni is listed in the second position. Dhoni is the most successful captain in Indian cricket and he is one of the most successful wicket keeper in IPL and Indian cricket. MS Dhoni is a not only wicket keeper and captain he named a match finisher.

Behind the stumps, he was guiding every bowler and his main guide is for spinners. In the MS Dhoni captaincy won two ICC world cups, two Asia cups, one ICC champions trophy, and four IPL trophies.

ODI Test
Matches 350 90
Stumps 123 38
Catches 321 256


3. Kumar Sangakkara

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is a Srilankan former captain, In this list, we have mentioned 3rd position for Kumar Sangakkara. He is taken more dismissals in ODI and he is also one of the greatest player in Srilankan cricket. Sangakkara holds captain of all the three formats and he was achieved wicket keeper in the Srilanka cricket.

In his wicket-keeping, he achieved 202 dismissals in test cricket with 182 catches and 20 stumpings. In the ODI he achieved 501 dismissals with 402 catches and 99 stumpings.


ODI Test
Matches 404 134
Stumps 99 20
Catches 402 182


4. Ian Healy

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Ian Healy

Ian Healy is listed in 4th position in the list of best wicketkeeper in the world. Ian Healy is an Australian cricketer, there are many successful wicket keeper in Australian cricket. He has the highest number of 395  dismissals with 366 catches and 29 stumping in the history of test cricket. In the ODI he got 233 dismissals with 194 catches and 39 stumps out of 168 matches. Healy has crossed more than 5000 runs in international cricket.

ODI Test
Matches 168 119
Stumps 39 29
Catches 149 366


5. Brendon McCullum

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum is the 5th best wicketkeeper in the world, he is the former captain of New Zealand, he is a brilliant and very talented batsman, fielder as well as wicketkeeper. McCullum has played very well in the Indian premier league, he has played till 2018 for IPL.  He achieved 179 dismissals in test cricket with 168 catches and 11 stumpings.

Brendon McCullum is the first player of New Zealand to hit a triple century in a test match, he is a talented fielder with many catches and for his achievement, he has received many awards. Currently, he is working as a coach for New Zealand and IPL.

ODI Test
Matches 169 101
Stumps 15 11
Catches 262 198


6. Moin Khan

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Moin Khan

Moin Khan is a former batsman for the Pakistan team. He served 14 years from 1990 to 2004. In 14 years he achieved 147 dismissals in just 69 test cricket. In ODI matches he has achieved 287 dismissals and many times Moin Khan has served as captain of the Pakistan team. His batting career is fantastic and he scored more than 6000+ runs with four centuries and 27 half-centuries in his international career.

ODI Test
Matches 219 69
Stumps 73 20
Catches 214 128


7. Brad Haddin

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin is one of more best wicketkeepers on the Australian team. There are few Australian wicket-keepers who contributed great performance in wicketkeeping and batting. In the world, he is the second wicketkeeper who has scored five half-centuries in test cricket and he has achieved 270 dismissals in test cricket with 263 catches and 8 stumpings. In ODI cricket he achieved 181 dismissals in 126 ODI matches.

ODI Test
Matches 126 66
Stumps 11 08
Catches 170 262


8. Rod Marsh

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Rod Marsh

In the 8th position, we have listed another Australian player his full name is Rodney Willian Marsh. In that time he set a world record by dismissing 355 wickets in just 96 matches. Rod Marsh is a wonderful wicketkeeper he has achieved great performance in his ODI career, he got 124 dismissals in 92 matches and he scored nearly 5000 runs in his international career.

ODI Test
Matches 92 96
Stumps 04 12
Catches 343 120


10. Jeff  Dujon

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Jeff  Dujon

Jeff Dujon is a former West Indies keeper, he is the world’s 9th best wicketkeeper in the world. In the West Indies, he is the most successful wicket-keeper and he scored more than 5000+ runs with five centuries and twenty-two half-century. He has done very well in the wicket-keeping, he achieved 272 dismissals in test cricket with 267 catches and 5 stumpings. Not only in test cricket he also achieved in ODI,  204 dismissals with 183 catches and 21 stumpings.

ODI Test
Matches 170 81
Stumps 21 05
Catches 267 183


10. Mark Boucher

Best wicketkeeper in the world
Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher is the first South African wicket-keeper on this list, he is the most successful wicketkeeper in the world and only one player has achieved very well in South African cricket. He has achieved 555 dismissals in test cricket with 532 catches and 23 stumpings. He also performed very well in the ODI, he got 425 dismissals with 403 catches and 22 stumpings. He scored 10,000+ runs in his international career along with 6 centuries and 61 half-centuries. His best score is 147 runs in ODI.

ODI Test
Matches 295 147
Stumps 22 23
Catches 403 532



This is all about Top 10 Best Wicketkeepers in the world, here we have mentioned the top 10 successful wicket-keeper information of batting, and dismissal details. This content is for your information and if you like this content share it with your friends and family members. For more cricket news and fantasy cricket app keep visiting Fantasycricketguru.

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