Top 10 Fantasy Telegram Channels To Join

Hey, Hope you all doing well, in this article we are going to see what are the best telegram channels available to get the dream11 team. As a fantasy player it is much needed for us and we consistently look for the best team online on any other platform. here we will see channels that help us in every game to create our team. Top Fantasy Telegram Channels.

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Top 10 Fantasy Telegram Channels

What is the Fantasy app?

Let me explain to you in simple words it provides a platform to play real matches online virtually. For eg. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings matches are going, for instance, you got the power to create your Dream11 team with the 11 players from both teams you choose according to your cricket skill and knowledge. like the same many fantasy players create their dream11 team and play virtually if your 11 players score more points than the opponent the winning amount will be given to you by which you can earn a huge bonus and money. Top Fantasy Telegram Channels.

So This is why fantasy apps in India increasing every season Like from Dream11 to MPL(Mobile premiere league) in between we can see Ballebaazi, MytTeam11, Halaplay, etc. Because in India everyone loves/knows cricket but lack time they can’t play Physically so by just putting their skills online team they can earn a good amount of money along with more knowledge of cricket on playing every other league.

Why are we searching for telegram channels?

The competition in fantasy sports is increasing season to season we can see it gives a good platform for many users to use their sports skills online by which creates very little chance in winnings. in large leagues, the chances are less than no. thousands of people play with their team and some pro players join with 10 to 15 teams to make high winning chances. Top Fantasy Telegram Channels.

so by researching and analyzing technically the telegram channel provides some useful stuff to help us in creating a team, it suggests dream11 teams based on the pitch and past performance and news related to it by which makes sense and gives hope to our teams.

So let’s see below all of them in detail.

IHD FANTASY – Dream11 Team & Prediction

  • This channel is owned by
  • IHDfantasy gives us a dream11 team recommendation on every match whether it is IPL 2021 or any tournaments.
  • Also, they cover every fantasy game Kabaddi, Tennis, Football, Cricket, etc.
  • The teams will be given based on leagues if Grand Leagues, Small Leagues, H2H teams, etc. 
  • They analyze the pitch game player news possible playing11 they will gather all news related to match and gives us a team to go with.
  • Currently, there is a total of 156000 users subscribed to this channel and they provide detailed analysis on their youtube channel also.

Fantasy Telegram Channels

To join IHD FANTASY – Dream11 Team & Prediction click here.


  • This channel is owned by
  • Provides dream11 teams of all leagues and tournaments.
  • They also provide Match news like player performing, pitch reports, injury, etc.
  • also For their telegram users, they organize some giveaways so you can participate and play. 

cricgram telegram channel

Click to join Crickgram Telegram Channel.


  • This channel has a large number of user-owned by Cricinformer.
  • Provides dream11,halaplay other fantasy apps with small and big level leagues.
  • Also, they give teams of various sports football, kabaddi, tennis, etc.
  • Because of a large number of users they also conduct giveaways for their users on different platforms like MyFab11, Champclash, etc.

cricInformer telegram channel

Click to join the Cricinformer telegram channel.

Fantasy Cricket Guru(Dream11)

  • One of the biggest platforms for fantasy players.
  • It has 299222 users subscribed as of now.
  • They provide Teams for all types of Fantasy apps according to the competition.
  • You can get teams on kabbadi, Football as well.
  • Provides youtube videos for detailed analysis on the match.

fantasy cricket guru telegram channel

Click to join Fantasy Cricket Guru.


  • This is also a good platform for Fantasy Players 
  • Provides good information about every match and give updates of players and playing11
  • You can also get kabaddi teams and video analysis in-depth to create your team.
  • And according to leagues they provide you teams small league big-league H2H etc.

To join FantasyCricketEpxert Telegram Channel click this.

Sports Fantasy Guruji

  • It is handled by a youtube creator who keeps providing good information on every match.
  • You will get Dream11 team updates and Toss updates on every tournament.
  • The channel roughly has 1,45,000 users subscribed to it.

Sports Fantasy Guruji Telegram channel

To join Sports Fantasy Guruji Telegram Channel Click this.

Fantasy Buzz

  • This is another good platform for fantasy players which is owned by
  • They Suggest teams for Dream11, Halaplay, Ballebazi, etc. on all platforms.
  • Currently, they have 69,000 users subscribed. you can get some good team suggestions from here as well.

Fantasy Telegram Channel

To join the FantasyBuzz Telegram channel click this.

Fantasy Cricket Adda

  • Same as others this channel also suggests some best Dream11 playing teams.
  • Here you will also get knowledge of good fantasy apps and newly launched apps.
  • They update the user on every tournament you can have some idea from this channel.

Fantasy Cricket Adda Telegram Channel

To join Fantasy Cricket Adda Telegram channel click here.

Dream11 Playing11

  • Another good channel for fantasy players It has a large number of users.
  • nearly 207781 subscribed to this channel.
  • They provide useful content through youtube videos as well.
  • You can get different teams according to leagues.
  • They update everything related to match playing11 players till the match start.
  • According to different platforms the suggestions will be carried.
  • You may get score updates and match predictions between them..

Dream11 Playing11 Telegram Channel

To join the Dream11 Playing11 Telegram channel click this.

Team11 Prediction

  • Same as other Telegram channels this also gives dream11 teams for cricket, football, kabaddi all the games.
  • It has around 40000 subscribers which helps them to keep their good work and they help fantasy players in any game/situation.
  • News-based players and injury players all by summarizing all records they give good insights of playing 11 so that on our own we can create teams.

Team11 Prediction Telegram Channels

To join Team11 Prediction Telegram Channel Click this.

So these are the top 10 telegram channels that we have seen in this article now we see some good profits from joining these telegram channels.

  • Considering various stats/analyses this channel provides playing11 teams.
  • Every small/mega contest you can get Captains and Vice Captains.
  • You do not need to worry about checking toss, pitch, players report you can get all these details through these channels.
  • Along with team suggestions you can learn some tips on how to create teams on your own.
  • Also, they arrange various polls to make a difference and to predict things.
  • Grand league teams with high winning chances.
  • At some matches, a new player makes his debut but we don’t know the player’s performance and details so these channels help us with this they give all the detailed analysis of those players which we can use for any leagues where it can be a turning point.
  • According to pitch what player may score and do well those details also you can get from these channels
  • Some channels may provide detailed analyzed videos which help in creating a team easily.
  • According to the match timings and dates you will get notified of players there past performance on the pitch new comebacks, all information will be given to you.
  • Not only stats and dream11 teams you will get good tactics knowledge and skills which can be used later in the future.

How To Join These Telegram Channels

  1. You need to download and install the Telegram app on your device
  2. Now complete the registration steps that’s it.
  3. Now above this, you see the telegram channel link.
  4. Click those you will redirect to the app/web according to your device and just join.

So, after joining these telegram channels you completed all the processes now you will get messages to your device in case if no notifications prompting just enable settings. Top Fantasy Telegram Channels.

I hope These top 10 Telegram Channels will help you in creating good match-winning teams and also provide you with a good knowledge of cricket or whatever the game is. if you have any questions related to this please comment below will try to help you out. Top Fantasy Telegram Channels.

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